The larger order quantity required by aluminum can manufacturers is often offset by the additional cost savings cans supply by not requiring a separate label. Can manufacturers like Ball and Rexam print the beverage artwork directly on the can, which is included in the per unit price. If your beverage is going into a bottle you will need to pay for labels to be printed and applied to your packaging. More Info >

There are many creative paths you can take when designing artwork for your can. One example is implementing new ink technology, such as fluorescent and glow in the dark ink. You can also design multipacks for your beverage, which gives you more space to highlight and advertise your brand on the shelf.

Another benefit aluminum cans have over other options is that they are the most environmentally friendly beverage packaging available. These cans can be recycled over and over again, which helps reduce waste and preserve energy. Aluminum also has the highest recycling rate, beating out plastic bottles, glass bottles, and tetrapak cartons. More Info >

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Aluminum cans have played an integral part in packaging for the functional beverage category. The 8.4 ounce sleek can has been made famous by Red Bull, the leading energy drink in the US. Other energy drink brands like Monster and Rockstar have played a large part in popularizing the use of beverage cans as well. These major brands have driven innovation in the packaging industry by introducing resealable options.

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