Are you starting a new beverage business? Do you want to know all about beverage cans?

If you are on this page then there is a significant chance that you are thinking about starting a beverage company. We have written this specifically for you and the many other people that are new to the beverage can industry and need a little help understanding which beverage cans are right for them. Request Free Information >


Aluminum cans can be used for many different types of beverages, included carbonated beverages, energy drinks, juice, tea, dairy based beverages, coconut waters and more.

Cans are a great choice for a wide variety of beverages because they can withstand the requirements of the hot fill, cold fill, tunnel pasteurization, and retort processes. Contact Us To Request Free Information >

Beverage cans are available in a variety of sizes to meet your brand’s needs, most commonly starting from 5.5 ounces and going all the way up to 24 ounces.

Cans are one of the most cost effective packaging options available to beverage companies. The cost per unit of aluminum cans is significantly less than the cost of plastic or glass bottles. Aluminum is also a lighter material than glass or plastic, which means it is less expensive to ship. The only potential drawback is that can manufacturers typically require their customers to order larger quantities than bottle manufacturers require. We can help you to reduce the amount of cans you need to order upfront thereby reducing your start-up costs, contact our can experts now. Request Free Information >

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