Cooperative programs are another innovative tool utilized to help increase sales when starting up a beverage company. Co-op programs are instances where the manufacture will reduce their profit margin in order to reduce the cost to the end user. Reduced profit margin will generally increase overall sales in the long term.

An example of this is found in England where the sandwich company, Boots, has set up a co-op program with a beverage company and a snack company. In this “meal deal”, the customer can choose any one beverage, any snack, and have a Boots sandwich for a mere three pounds. This is an excellent example of a cooperative program resulting in sales growth for all products involved.

Powerbrands will facilitate in helping you decide if a co-op program is good for your sales strategy. With over a decade of experience, Powerbrands is an excellent resource and will empower you with the tools you need to implement this strategy.

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