Do you need help registering a trademark for your new brand, or protecting your unique beverage formulation? 

You can get advice & support from leading beverage intellectual property attorneys who handle trademark & copyright registration. Having a strong brand is vital in the beverage industry. It’s important to ensure that people who buy your drink are loyal & keep coming back for more. The most important thing to remember is to protect your brand from copycats. Request Free Information >

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Protection of your brand, specifically your federal trademark registration, allows you to exclude others from using a same or similar name as yours, it distinguishes your product from all others and offers many other benefits. Request Free Information >

It will decide whether or not the major distributors accept your product, and it will determine whether any of the beverage giants choose to acquire your brand and/or partner with you to grow the brand. The first question any buyer or partner will likely ask is: “Do you own the trademark rights?”  Make sure that when that day comes that you are ready to cash out you are prepared.


Power Brands experienced beverage trademark attorney, Jill Birkmann Esq. Jill has over 17 years of experience practicing all types of intellectual property law including trademark, copyright, trade secrets, unfair business practices, general corporate law and litigation. She has spent the last 9 years exclusively dedicated to the beverages industry, beginning with her executive legal position at Red Bull North America.

For the past 5 years, she has been working exclusively with us to protect our clients’ brands. Jill has counseled and prosecuted trademarks for hundreds of our clients. Request Free Information >

Prior to her career at Red Bull and her partnership with Power Brands, Jill practiced intellectual property law at large Los Angeles law firms and also served in the White House Legal Counsel’s Office in Washington D.C. Request Free Information >

Federal trademark registration is a basic element and essential to any viable beverage company. Your trademark will come to represent the most valuable asset in your company portfolio. Request Free Trademark Information >

The beverage industry is different from many other commercial industries in that patent protection is generally unavailable. The government does not like grant patent protection to beverage formulations, making your brand identity---your name, logos and slogan trademarks, your most important and most valuable method of protecting your brand. Request Free Information >

It is important to select your brand name with knowledge of other products in your beverage category, i.e…waters, teas, coffees, functional, milks, alcoholic etc.). This process should be initiated during your initial brand development at Power Brands. That way, if your preferred brand name is not available, you are aware of that early on, before spending valuable time and resources on a brand name that you cannot use. Without early attention to your brand name availability, you risk loss of initial capital, loss of time to market and potentially a trademark infringement lawsuit, something that is usually fatal to start up companies. Free Quote >

Contact our Legal Consultant Jill Birkmann Esq., to initiate this important process. . Request Free Trademark Information >