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Save Money

We offer the most competitive prices on manufacturing and developing beverages. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities increase efficiency and keep costs low.


Smart Investment

Our team will hold your hand throughout the manufacturing process. We use our decades of experience to help you choose everything from labels to packaging so that your beverage is as successful as our 500 other brands.


High Quality

Every beverage we manufacture goes through stringent quality control to ensure your product is consistently high quality. Working with us means settling for nothing less than the best.



You will always be in-charge and have complete control throughout the manufacturing process. We value your trust and believe the best way to gain it is through transparency.

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Our relationship with Power Brands has been, and continues to be, a very positive, productive and rewarding experience. They reformulated and refined our product to surpass the highest criteria in respect to quality and consumer acceptability, and they were of invaluable assistance in redesigning our packaging, all of which has resulted in a very successful product launch. Their level of professionalism has greatly exceeded our expectations.
— Nigel Norton, Founder of Fruzinga
We have been working with Power Brands for the last four years. Power Brands brought our concept and idea into action and reality. The Power Brands team is experienced, creative and more importantly, they listen to your ideas and create the best product for your company. Our team at HydroOne has been so fortunate to work with Power Brands. Power Brands’ expertise and services are an asset to our company.
— Dr. Babak Baban, Founder of HydroOne

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