Do you need help marketing your new beverage? We will help you get a better understanding of your core customer and what they are looking for in your product. A targeted marketing plan is essential to selling your product in a competitive marketplace. Request Free Info >

Power Brands has been marketing beverages for over 20 years in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa and almost every where else that beverages are sold. We are one of the worlds leading beverage marketing companies. Request Free Beverage Marketing Info >

Beverage marketing is the cornerstone of any great beverage company. A beverage business can have amazing products, great accounting practices, fantastic ethics and excellent intentions, but if it does not have a brilliant beverage marketing plan it is doomed to failure from the start. Contact us >

No matter how great a product is, it cannot sell itself. Even great products face tremendous competition in such a highly competitive and mature market. There are thousands of well-entrenched beverage brands, some of which have been in consumer homes for over 100 years. Request Free Info >

A beverage marketing plan must start with the basics: it must begin with the product and all of the characteristics that are going to make up the brand. When thinking about beverage brands and the marketing programs that surround them, first consider whom the core consumer is. As an example, most beverage companies market diet drinks to female customers between the ages of 16 and 35. This group is not the only group that consumes these types of beverages, but this demographic does consume the most diet drinks. For this reason, this age range is a good primary target market.

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