Senior Management

Darin Ezra

Joint Chief
Executive Officer

Darin Ezra has over a decade of experience in the Packaged Consumer Products industry. He started his career in this industry when he founded SunWorld International (SunWorld), a company that specialized in the import and distribution of packaged consumer products. SunWorld first acquired the import and distribution rights for top selling U.S. brands in Southern Africa. These brands included Celestial Seasonings (the top selling herbal tea in the U.S., then and today), Ice Drops (one of the top selling breath fresheners in the U.S.) and Energy Now (the top selling energy tablet in the U.S. for many years). After two years of operating and growing the company, Darin handed the management of SunWorld’s brands to IS Distributors (IS). IS was the agent for The Dial Soap Company and Freeman Cosmetics in Southern Africa at the time. IS ran SunWorld’s brands on a royalty basis for some time. Darin later sold his interest in SunWorld to IS in order to relocate his business to the United States.

Upon relocation to the U.S., Darin formed B-Brands which manufactures and distributes consumer packaged products – in 30 U.S. states as well as exporting them. At B-Brands, Darin was responsible for all development, marketing, and operations of the business. After two years of successfully running the company, Darin sold his interest in B-Brands. Today, B-Brands sells its products across the U.S. and exports to various foreign countries. After the sale of B-Brands, Darin went on to launch several successful beverage brands including Go Girl energy drink, which was recently acquired by a major manufacturer of Coca Cola products and distributor of Anheuser-Busch products.

In 2009 Darin expanded his management responsibilities to Europe, while he headed up Power Brands executive team he also headed up a division of an international beverage company that manufactures beverage components and finished products in the EU as well as the UK. Darin is a well-rounded internationally experienced beverage CEO. Let Darin and his team guide you through the process of starting and running your beverage brand.

Martin Molina

Joint Chief
Executive Officer

Martin manages all strategic marketing efforts for Power Brands. Martin brings over 14 years of food & beverage marketing experience with industry powerhouses such as Nestle USA and Pepsi. Martin began his CPG career as a research analyst with A.C. Nielsen before joining Nestle USA and progressing through brand management ranks on brands including Nestle Sweet Success, Nestle Carnation Baby Formula and Nestle Carnation Baby Cereal. Martin’s beverage experience includes over four years of channel marketing experience within the Pepsi Cola system. Most recently, Martin led the strategic marketing efforts for Light Force Water Source, a start-up incubator for new energy drink brands and has led operations at Power Brands since its inception in 2006.

About Our Team

Power Brands Consulting is dedicated to furthering the prosperity and health of the beverage industry. By providing beverage expertise to our clients and collaborating with other beverage industry professionals, we are constantly evolving the vast and ever changing beverage business.

Our expertise extends into every facet of the beverage industry and includes experience with all types of beverages. Our senior team members have been developing beverages or assisting in the beverage development process for almost two decades. We pride ourselves on having been part of achieving multiple national and international awards for beverage development and design. Our highly experienced team of beverage development experts are the best in the industry. When it comes to developing a world-class beverage brand, there is no substitute.

Power Brands also structures sales and marketing programs for new beverage brands and can assist with implementing these strategies. We can offer guidance with forming, structuring and running any facet of a beverage company.

When it comes to starting a beverage brand there are no other companies that compare to Power Brands. Call us today for a free consultation and let us show you the way.

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