Beverage labels are perhaps the most important aspects of getting your beverage brand into the hands of consumers. Having a design that stands out to attract the customer and compels them to purchase is a vital part of creating a beverage label. Work with our award winning beverage label design team? Request Free Information >

Label Design

Power Brands will work with you to understand who your customers are and what type of product and beverage label design will appeal them. We will determine what we are trying to communicate to the consumer, once we have discovered these base facts about your brand and what the goals are, we will work with you to create the perfect beverage label for your new drinks. 

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Useful tips for great beverage label & packaging design 

1. Make sure you chose the right style of packaging.

Always keep in mind that the starting vessel or shape is going to make a big difference to the final product i.e. its tough to make a boring shape exciting so start with an interesting container and your job will be much easier. There are many options to chose. Request Free Information >

2. Find out what type of printing is possible on the container you select.

Many types of beverage packaging are limited in the amount or types of colors and textures that you can print on them. As an example many beverage can manufacturing facilities can only print 6 or 7 colors on a beverage can. A typical shrink sleeve label can print up to 16 colors.

3. Design your logo

Decide what your brand stands for? Who are the consumers that you want to appeal to? What message or feeling do you want to get across to them? And anything else thats important to the image and message of your product. Request Free Information >

4) Decide what you want the beverage packaging design to communicate to your customer?

Are you trying to let them know that your product is "ALL NATURAL"? Then make sure your main message is front and center and that its not hidden or confusing to the customer. 

5) Make sure you don't over crowd the packaging with too much information and that the information is well organized.

Keeping the label of your beverage simple and easy to read is key, if you are going to put a lot of information make sure its well placed. Keep the front of the packaging simple and to the point, put the detail on the side and on the back.

If you would like to discuss your beverage packaging design in detail contact us. 

Power Brands has an award winning team of beverage label designers that are ready to take your new beverage label to the next level. Contact our friendly beverage label experts today to discuss the design possibilities for your new or existing beverage. Our design specialist will walk you through all the design aspects of a beverage label from choosing your typography, logo design, and other style and creative choices. Contact us today for a free  consultation with a beverage packaging expert >