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“Darin and his team at Power Brands has been a key component to our early success at LifeAID. Being new to the beverage business we knew we needed all the resources we could get to successfully take our concept to market. Working with them has been a true collaboration. They have done so much more than simply helping us develop a great tasting product!

They have helped us source all our suppliers and manufacturers. Darin himself has shared his unique industry experience and insight to guide us with our rollout and to help us avoid some mistakes. They have been a key part of our decision-making process and will continue to be. I would definitely recommend Power Brands to anyone serious about building a successful beverage brand.”

Orion Meleham, Co-Founder of LifeAid Beverage Co.

"Power Brands has been an amazing innovation partner over the past two years – so much so that I have personally recommended them to several other divisions within PepsiCo. Darin and his team have made it possible to quickly test and learn on a small scale by using an entrepreneurial approach that doesn’t put a strain on internal resources. They’re deep, well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of a product launch is truly unmatched and would serve as a great resource for almost any new food and beverage company."

Christ Oates, PepsiCo’s Functional & Emerging Beverages Innovation Lead


To say Power Brands is ahead of the curve when it comes to beverage innovation and launching new brands is an understatement. I have worked with some of the best beverage companies in the world including Red Bull and Pepsi and I have never seen a company develop a world class product and get it into market this quickly and cost effectively.”

Bill Juarez, Red Bull Energy Drink’s Director of Entrepreneurial Distributors

Power Brands is filling a critical gap in the beverage innovation cycle. This beverage industry is so focused on front-end innovation, the companies and the agencies, they overlook a critical gap, which is commercialization, and in-market testing in a real consumer and retailer environment. Well done Darin and the rest of your amazing team!”

Rishi Daing, Aquafina’s Senior Brand Manager & VP Innovation & Incubation for PepsiCo

Power Brands guided our little startup from perfecting our formula, to designing the most amazing label, to referring us to our co-packer. One year later, we are selling our finished product and getting 5 star reviews. I cannot wait to work with them again to expand our flavors and our business. The flavor creation is my favorite part and they have a solid team of food scientists. I learned a lot about starting a brand throughout this process, their CEO Darin is very knowledgeable and has given me some great advice.”

- Jie Xu, Founder LifeH2O


Experience with power brands was very good. Finished products are superb and best in our class. Learned something valuable every time that I was able to spend time w Darin the CEO. He spent a good deal of time w us and still takes genuine interest in the project over a year later. Very impressed and look forward to using them again. I suggest to everyone in the industry to utilize their one hour w leadership consult call. Best few hundred dollars that a startup can spend.”

- Edward Lafferty, Founder Green Revolution

"The Power Brands team was key in getting our formulation ready for primetime - from ingredients to finished product! While I had a working formula they worked out supply chain, developed exceptional flavors, and made the formula scaleable. Despite frequent changes from consumer tests during development, the team was responsive and worked hard to adapt. We also used their design team to develop labels and collateral, and the results were of the highest quality.

Power Brands are a great partner for any beverage entrepreneur!

Atul Agarwal, Bella Founder and CEO

On behalf of MYLA'COR Martinis we would like to thank Power Brands for helping us bring our ideas to life! We were invited to be the ONLY spirit served at the EMMYS Gifting suite this year and our organic, low calorie martinis were a hit with so many celebrities ! We want to give a special shout out to the Beverage Scientists for taking the lead on formulation and I graciously thank the Power Brands creative team for assisting us with our label design!”

MyLaCor will be in stores within the next few weeks and it all started with you all! Thank you again!!

- The Myla'Cor Family

“As a young brand with an original idea, we had so much to learn about what it takes to develop and launch a beverage company. Power Brands has assembled an experienced and talented team that set our vision into motion while providing a realistic direction, timeline to launch and products that taste amazing.

- Matt Mckee, Cali Water Founder