Interested in finding out more about your product and your marketing strategy directly from consumers and store managers?

We test your products with real shoppers in store and online and work with you to improve and successfully launch your brand!

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Although the primary purpose of a marketing test is to learn and improve, our approach is to treat a test like it’s a small scale product launch that can be built on and expanded!

Programs range from 1 day to 1 year and from 1 store to a 1000 stores, we have a program to fit all products and budgets.


Three easy steps;

Step 1: We put your products in stores and online, we promote your products, real shoppers discover your products and make their initial purchasing decision - to buy or not to buy!;


Step 2: We intercept shoppers before and after they have made their purchasing decision, gather information about their experience with your products and create a detailed report.


Step 3: We use shopper feedback, as well as quantitative data (sales figures) to make suggestions that often lead to significant improvements to your product and to your marketing plan!