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Five useful tips for great beverage packaging design

1) Make sure you chose the right style of packaging.

The shape of your beverage packaging is going to make a big difference to the final look and feel of your drink, it’s tough to make a boring shape stand out so start with an interesting container and your job will be much easier. If you use a basic shape, like a can for example, look into custom colors, textures and combining matte and shiny finishes. Request Free Information >

2) Make sure you know what type of printing can be done on the type of packaging you choose.

Some beverage packaging is limited in the amount and types of colors and textures that you can print on them. As an example beverage can manufacturing facilities can usually only print 6 or 7 colors on a beverage can and are also limited when it comes fading from one color into another. Consider using shrink sleeve label for more flexibility. Request Free Information >

3) Designing your log and choosing your name.

Making sure your brand is representative of the personality of your product is critical. Consider the type of consumer you are trying to appeal too, you can’t please everyone so pick a core group that you think is most likely to buy your products and focus on them. Your logo must be easy to read and your name should be unique, if it’s too similar to everyone else it will be hard to remember. Keep font and style simple, being able to read and recognise your logo is key. Consumers are only going to have a few seconds to pick you. Request Free Information >

4) Decide what you want the beverage packaging design to communicate to your customer?

Are you trying to let them know that your product is "ALL NATURAL"? Then make sure your main message is front and center and that its not hidden or confusing to the customer. If there are certain ingredients or functions that you want to highly feature them. Request Free Information >

5) Don't overcrowd your packaging with to much information, make sure its well organized.

Keeping your beverage label simple and easy to read is key, if you are going to put a lot of information on your drinks make sure its well placed and easy to read. Keep the front of the packaging simple and to the point, detail on the side and the back. Request Free Information >

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