Are you you trying to find the right company to produce your drinks for you? We manufacture beverages in any size can or bottle, hot-fill, cold-fill, carbonated and non-carbonated.

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Before you set up your first mass production run, let us help ensure that your beverage formulation is ready for manufacturing,

We will help you to purchase all of the raw materials that will  need your beverage production, we will make sure the correct quantity of ingredients and any other raw materials that you need are shipped to the manufacturer on time. We will make sure your beverage containers, caps, labels and cartons are all the correct specifications and arrive ready to be turned into your drink.

Power Brands will help you ship and store your new beverage after production. Our beverage production and logistics experts will guide you through quality control, shipping and warehousing your newly produced beverages. Working with a Power Brands beverage production expert will ensure a that you have a less stressful and more successful experience. 

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Useful Guidelines for Those New To Beverage Production

1. Double check spelling, nutritional & supplement facts, graphic & other elements on your label.

- If possible have at least three people look over the label, other than the people who developed the product. The nutritional panel and ingredient statement should be checked by trained experts, preferably have experts from at least two companies perform this exercise for you. This might seem like a lot of effort but it can save you a lot more effort if you avoid an error.

 2. Ensure your label has been reviewed by a FDA Label Attorney.

3. Get a process authority letter for each variety of drink that will to be used to determine the exact process you will need to properly run your production.

4. Obtain product liability insurance prior to first day of production so you are covered when product is ready to ship.

5. Check your formula, make sure you recognize all ingredients and that the amount of each ingredient that is used in your drink is what you expected it to be.

6. Try to buy packaging and ingredients from companies that have been around for at least ten years or more, the bigger the company the better it usually is when it comes to ingredients.

7. Confirm that all packaging including but not limited to your bottles, cans, caps, labels, and cases, can be filled and sealed on the manufacturer’s equipment before placing orders.

8. Make sure you know what the lead times and minimum orders are for each component.

-       Set the timing of your production to the components that take the longest and focus on pushing those vendors. Make sure to give yourself at least a week of extra time before your production for unexpected delays on deliveries.

9. Expect delays, a first production is a learning experience, it will probably run smoothly, but even one delay on raw materials or equipment failure can slow you down. if it’s possibly, don’t plan big events or meetings until you know for sure when everything will be ready.

 10. Request samples of your beverages to be made in the lab where they were developed, ship these to the manufacturer a few days prior to your production. These fresh samples will be used as a comparison to what comes off the production line, this is done to ensure that everything is accurate. The best time to use these retention samples is during batching, just before your drink is filled into the containers, this give you the o[[ortunity to adjust if the recipe if necessary.

 11. Make sure to attend your first production run to ensure the your product looks and tastes like it is supposed to, nobody knows your drink like you do. This is a very important step.

A Useful Tip

First production runs cost the most on a per unit basis - poor economies of scale. Find out what 250,000 – 1,000,000 units of each of you flavors will cost you, use this as a guide for setting the price of your product. Make sure that you always have more than a 50% profit margin, as an example, if a drink cost 50c to make, it should sell to distributors for $1 at minimum.

Managing your raw material: We will help you to make sure you have a steady supply of each of the important components of your beverage production each and every time you need to produce your beverages. You will need beverage containers, labels, closures and all of the ingredients that make up your beverage formula. They will all need to be there at the same time, if any are missing you cannot produce beverages at all. We will help you understand how to get this done efficiently and within budget. Request Free Information >

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