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Functional beverages are beverages that have an immediate and obvious effect on the person who is consuming the beverage. Caffeine is the most common functional ingredient, think about it, you drink it, you wake up and you feel better right away, highly functional!. Request Free Information >

When developing a functional beverage its important to keep your focus on the functional claims you are making. Obviously you cannot claim anything that isn't accurate or true but equally as important is to make sure that your new beverage is actually functional and isn't just a placebo. By paying close attention to all of the the ingredient you put into your functional beverage, you can ensure that the quality and functionality are in place.

There are many categories of functional beverages in todays ever blossoming beverage market here are some examples;  Relaxation Beverages, Energy Drinks, Health Drinks, Weight Management Drinks, Immunity Boosting Beverages, Digestion Aid Beverages, Alertness Enhancement Drinks, Detoxification Drinks, Sleep Aid & Joint Health Drinks.


Functional beverages are often developed by scientists!

The ingredients of these functional beverages tend to be purposeful and are added intentionally for very specific function. These additives include ingredients such as Plant sterols, grape seed extract, all-natural super-fruit, Acai, folic acid, calcium, fiber, gingko biloba and D-ribose, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate as well as limitless other functional beverage ingredients. Power Brands has developed, manufactured sold and marketed functional beverages for over 20 years and is second to nobody when comes to understanding how to develop and produce the best functional drinks in the world. We have many awards to prove that we are the best functional beverage company in the country. Call us today to talk to a leading beverage industry expert for free and find out out everything you need to get started with your very own functional drink company. Request Free Information >