Are you trying to develop a new beverage brand? Looking for a beverage research & development specialist? Power Brands is the leader in beverage R&D as well as beverage packaging design. We can help you get your idea from start to store!


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Power Brands has a highly experienced team of beverage scientists that will work with you on your new beverage concept and provide you with a commercial grade beverage formulation that is ready for mass production. These skilled beverage scientists are able to take your kitchen recipe and craft it in such a way that it will be true to your original recipe and marketable on a large scale to consumers everywhere. Contact Our friendly beverage experts today to discuss what we can do for you and how our process works.  Request Free Information >

Research and Development

Research and development is an important part of creating a new beverage brand. In the beverage industry technology is constantly evolving, staying on top of the trends is pivotal. Knowledge of customer preference, competitor developments, and trending ingredients is necessary information to have in the beverage industry. 

Power Brands R&D department is constantly keeping updated on trends in the industry and continuously looking for new ingredients that will set your beverage apart. Request Free Information >