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"Power Brands has been an amazing innovation partner, so much so that I have personally recommended them to several other divisions within PepsiCo. Their deep, well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of a product launch is truly unmatched"

Functional & Emerging Beverages Innovation Lead - PepsiCo

“I would definitely recommend Power Brands to anyone serious about building a successful beverage brand.”

Orion Meleham, CEO - Lifeaid

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1. Understand your customer and the market: Before you start developing your beverage take time to chat with consumers who are going to be buying your product. Ask them what they think about your competitors products and what they like or dislike about your concept. Make sure to encourage them to be honest by reassuring them that the truth will help you and will not hurt your feelings. Take notes and use them as a reference during your beverage development process. Request Free Information >


2. Getting started with your beverage formulation: Now that you know what your customer is looking for, it is time to start creating your recipe! Start by buying ingredients in the store and preparing them in your kitchen, when you get to the point that you feel you are somewhat satisfied with your kitchen recipe, contact us and we will help you turn your idea into a product that is ready for mass production. Request Free Information >


3. Choosing the right packaging is key: In today’s eco-friendly environment, it is important to try and chose packaging that is good for you and good for the planet. Portion size is also important, work out how much the consumer would prefer to drink per serving and try and make your single serve version of your product as close to this as possible. Portion control also controls calories in higher calorie drinks which is another great selling point. Choose a label that compliments your packaging and your product, if the drink is beautiful color then make sure you can see it through the bottle, if you need to include a lot of text or want something with high impact, use a full body label.


4. Make sure your label communicates clearly to your customers: What’s in your beverage is critical, what you put your beverage in is also critical, but dont forget that what you put on your beverage is ultimately what will make your customers pick it up in the first place. Communicate clearly but dont overdo it, stick to the point, flavor, function, and other special features that you want the consumer to know about are key. Contact us and chat with a beverage development expert! Request Free Information >


5. Before launching your new beverage, test, learn and improve it: Start by taking your product through a series of high intensity tests. Produce small quantities of your new drink, Power Brands can help you with this, and conduct focus groups. Putting a focus group together can be as simple as inviting 10 people, preferably that you dont know well, to try your product and give feedback. If you would like to conduct a much larger and more organised focus group, contact us, we can help. Finally, the last step before you start mass producing is to do a live-test in stores, we recommend between 10-20 stores to start. Once again, we can help you manufacturer a small quantity of your product and put them into stores, monitor results and get real feedback about your new beverages. Request Free Information >